Doctor Voynich and Her Children

A Prediction by Leanna Keyes
directed by Ashley Hovell

March 6-21

The Off Leash Art Box
4200 East 54th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Doctor Rue Voynich and her apprentice Fade travel the American Heartland dispensing herbal medications. Covertly, they perform abortions, which have been illegal since “the Pence days.” Fade tries to help local youth Hannah complete her abortion, using knowledge from an ancient manuscript, before her mother and the sheriff can nail them for the “attempted murder of an unborn person.”

Skimmed by Anthony Sisler-Neuman
June 12-27

Oddity by Ashley Lauren Rogers
September 11-26

The Place That Made You by Darcy Parker Bruce

November 6-21

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