“Uprising Theatre has been a true gift while building my early directing career in Minnesota. When I first met the artistic director and fellow artists at the company, I knew that my life had changed forever. And that I finally found the “theatre family” I had been searching for. From the beginning, the company ensures that all artistic voices at the table are heard. To try, to fail. Their trustful support is what I wish every director could experience. Shannon guides and leads with expert precision. He is quick to support beautiful work while also challenging you for your work to be the very best it can be.  It is because of Uprising Theatre that I have found an artistic home, with love and understanding at the forefront. They give to their artists and audience the greatest comfort in the world: that they are seen, heard, loved, and never alone.”

Director Emily England

Stories to change the world

Our mission is to create possibility models for transgender youth and make sure that every youth has a supportive adult in their life. Using theatre to compel change and create empathy in cisgender adults, Uprising Theatre Company connects art to action. Through our work we increase access in theatre for transgender and nonbinary playwrights and artists. 

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