Our mission is to create possibility models for transgender youth and make sure that every youth has a supportive adult in their life. Using theatre to compel change and create empathy in cisgender adults, Uprising Theatre Company connects art to action. Through our work we increase access in theatre for transgender and nonbinary playwrights and artists.

Uprising does four things: high quality theatre by transgender and nonbinary playwrights featuring transgender actors in many roles. We use that theatre to inspire conversations. Those conversations move to action by our partnerships with community organizations who make a direct ask of the audience so they can get involved on site. Finally we do education that equips and empowers people from marginalized communities to better tell their own stories. That education includes playwright develop, commissioning new work, and intensive training for both transgender actors and technical staff.

Our belief is that more stories told by transgender people about their own lives will change not just the sense of possibility for trans people and give them a sense of hope but will also educate a non-transgender audience which will influence policy, education, and more.

Uprising Theatre channels art to action and writes new futures for us all.

For even more about our vision and our staff, check out this page.

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Uprising Theatre Company is located in Minneapolis, MN.