Uprising Theatre Company really, truly believes that stories can change the world. Something powerful happens when we get away from facts and figures and spreadsheets and simply tell each other our stories. It makes the “big issues” more tangible and it allows us to wrap our minds around how we can be a part of bringing about change.

Uprising tells powerful stories about important topics in a way that’s not preachy or strident, but is instead rooted in people’s lived experiences. From mental illness and suicide to transgender issues, we tell stories that come from people who have lived those experiences.

But we don’t want it to stop with just telling stories. We hope people are so inspired by stories that they want to make a concrete difference. So we partner with local organizations who are working on the issues presented in the show to funnel the energy and excitement generated by storytelling into action that will make the world a better place.

Because stories can change the world.

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Uprising Theatre Company is located in Minneapolis, MN. 

Meet the founder and Artistic Director of Uprising:

Shannon is a playwright, a dreamer, a thinker, a transgender man, and a priest. Haunted by big questions: Why are we here? Where do we belong? Who controls the stories? He grapples and makes meaning with words.

Uprising started with a series of questions: Is it possible to make high quality theatre about justice issues that isn’t preachy or strident? Is it possible to connect art with justice work right in the theater? Is it possible for people with marginalized identities to tell their own stories on stages?

For the past five years we’ve been answering those questions with a resounding YES.

Yes. We can make high quality theatre that raises questions, wrestles with issues, and provokes conversation.

Yes. We can connect with community organizations and channel the energy and empathy created by theatre into concrete change.

Yes. We can provide space and resources for marginalized communities to tell their own stories.

Shannon’s leadership has grown the company from two shows a season to four shows a season. He has rolled out educational workshops and other initiatives and has grown and shaped the board of the directors.