2018 Season Announcement

Uprising Theatre Company presents their most ambitious season yet! 2018 will feature two original works, the Minnesota premiere of a new play, and the performance of the play that sparked the idea for Uprising and their unique model. 

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February 2018: The Resistance of My Skin by Shannon TL Kearns, directed by Shalee Coleman at the Crane Theatre

“Sex In The Dark” was so popular we’re bringing it back! With a completely revised and newly titled script so even if you saw it during the last run there will be something new to see.

Ayden and Jess have been dating but they haven’t had sex yet and no one can understand why.

Set in real time, Jess and Ayden are on a date where each one thinks that tonight might be the night.

Hilarious, awkward, and full of heart this play explores the possibility of overcoming fear to connect deeply with another person.

April 2018: Twisted Deaths by Shannon TL Kearns, directed by Ashley Hovell at the Phoenix Theatre

Pam and Ryan couldn’t be more different. He is a young transgender man and she is an 80 year old conservative but when they are both diagnosed with cancer their lives intersect in ways that neither of them could have ever imagined.

June 2018: Apples In Winter by Jennifer Fawcett, directed by Shalee Coleman

Twenty-two years ago, Miriam’s son, Robert, committed a horrible crime. Robert was caught, tried, and convicted of first-degree murder and has been sitting on death row ever since. In seven hours the state will execute him. As is the tradition, Robert is granted a last meal. His request: a slice of his mother’s apple pie.

This will be a site specific performance with intimate audience seating in an industrial kitchen.

October 2018: The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later by Moises Kauffman and Members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, directed by Ashley Hovell and Shannon TL Kearns

On October 6th of 1998 Matthew Shepard was beaten and left to die tied to a fence in the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming. He died 6 days later. His torture and murder became a watershed historical moment in America that highlighted many of the fault lines in our culture..

A month after the murder the members of Tectonic Theater Project traveled to Laramie and conducted interviews with the people of the town. From these interviews they wrote the play The Laramie Project.

Then In 2008, the members of Tectonic Theater Project returned to Laramie, Wyoming to explore how the town had changed since the murder of Matthew Shepard. What they found defied their expectations. The result was a new play about how we construct our own history. This is the continuing story of an American town.

On the 20th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death Uprising will present both pieces in reparatory, exploring how history is written and re-written.

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